Saturday, April 2, 2011

its a weekLy routine..

hello girls..

its weekend..and i love weekend..ahaaa..i know..everyone loves weekends !!!!! just forget about works..forget about the office..nanti when monday comes..baru continue pening kepala kat office tuh..

well, being a weekender wifey, i only get to see my Love on weekends.. sob..sob..sob.. so, every friday evening and monday morning..u definately can spotted me at the airport and guest what??? suddenly air asia became my best buddy..ngehhh..*only when they give BEST deals*..actually, hubby and i had been flying back and forward every weekend since we got engaged...emmm, since hubby got back from France to be precised..that was all the way back in march 2010..and yeahhh..its already been a year..hahaaaa..

so, waiting at the airport terminal bored me many peoples at the terminal..but, i was alone of course..masa ni laa my BB being very useful.. =p

 lcct terminal..friday 1apr2011..

and yesterday.. i departed from lcct-bounded to penang..and of course right after landing..we straight away went to makan-makan at kapitan restuarant (opposite quensbay mall)..they had the best tandoori chicken and nasi beriani!!!! super HOT.. it is a MUST try girls..

after makan-makan..we jalan-jalan and catched a movie..of course by hubby favourite leading actor..the super-funniest adam sandler.. "just Go with it" was super hillarious..we laughed super-duper loud..hahaaaa.. =D

  roti nan tandoori by kapitan restuarant, penang..

being a good wifey..uhuk..uhukkkk.. *sila jangan muntah yerrr* hihiii.. i went to pasar with hubby... its for the first time after being married..hahaaaa... before this we bought all household items and groceries at tesco/, this weekend, we berjaya mencari pasar tani *excuse us, we are new in this town people* ..everything was super fresh..and banyak jual ulam-ulam and sayur which takde jual kat tesco/giant.. bestttt..

 us at pasar tani jitra..

much love

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