Saturday, April 9, 2011

jom jalan-jalan..

Hello girls..

its pangkor island... ^_^

i was organizing my lappy's folder.. and i came acrossed all these photos.. well, me and hubby are truely island/beach lover... we do love the sweet serenity...

at the jetty.. waiting for the ferry..

on the second day.. woke up *super* early in the morning.. 
just sat and saw the beautiful sun rised ..
plus, enjoyed snorkling.. yeahhhh  =) 

later.. we had a nice dinner by the beach..
and..its balik time already..
hahaaa..posing-posing dulu at the ferry on the way back to perak mainland..

its just a short trip.. but, we had a good time..
 spread the hapiness..

much love


  1. hi. tgh blogwalking, terjumpa yr blog..

    ala, dapat jalan kat mne2 pon takpe.. asalkan dgn encek husben kan? kan? ;)

  2. hi there..
    yup true.. SUPER happy jln2 dgn chenta hati kan... =)