Wednesday, March 30, 2011

reality show..yippiiee...

hello girls...

i had a very tough weekend..full of activities..huhhh..penat..then, continue with office tasks.. cepat laa habis this i wish =(
..emm..syllabus for my students pun belum habis week will be test right now, im busy preparing the questions..huhuuu..siapa nak tolong boleh angkat tangan yang comel itu!!!!! hihiii.. ^_^ im at home..lepaking at the most coziest sofa..and had a bowl of ice-cream in my hands.. super yummy..~love the jamoca with fudge~cant wait for this 31mac..mari beramai-ramai kita ke BR.. =) ehhh..promote pulak..emmm.. and of couse..enjoying one of my favourite reality show..

presenting.... Gulliana&Bill...

i love this show..well, for me, this show looks REAL...looks like a normal life..hahaa.. =p
i know, all of us are facing different dugaan..cabaran..rezeki..happy moments..sad moments.. u named it!!!..but, in the end of the day.. it makes us STRONGER...yeahhhh..

much love

Friday, March 25, 2011

ballons and masquerade...LOVEstory..

hi girls.. let me tell you a LOVEstory fairytale.. ngehhh.. =p

 once upon a time there was a "good" girl named aiza.. ever since she was a little girl, she prays to meet her prince that will truely loved her..ecehhh..~dari kecik kuat berangan~

long story..short story..

one day, she was invited to a masquerade ball..she was so happy..everyday, she will berangan and berangan and berangan..but, no matter how happy she is with her berangan session, she still cannot denied that she dont know..what will she to get to the ball?? pity her...hehehee..

 several days gone by..finally, esok adalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu..she was crying heavily.. like hujan 3hari3malam..then, suddenly, a fairygod mother came.. fairygod mother promised to help aiza because of her kindness..ecehhh...aiza was happy again..

the fairygod mother menghayunkan tongkat saktinya..ting..ting..ting.. ecehh..
oooo.. it was so magical.. aiza was prettily dolled up and dress like a princess.. of she went to the ball..

Ohh man.. panjangnya story nih..

as she walk gracefully to the main dancing hall.. her CANTEKness is noticed by the prince.. he was really amazed by her..uhuhkk uhukkk..
then, the prince ajak her to dancing-dancing..and they fall in LOVE...yeahh..abihh..

and they lived happily ever after..

much love

damansara reception..

hi girls..

its FRIDAY again.. yeahhh.. cant wait to see my hubby.. im sure everyone pun tak sabar nak cuti-cuti kan... relax-relax and happy-happy time with families and loves one..

well, hari ni, i want to share my damansara reception, i must say that it was one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL and HAPPIEST day in my was magical (sorry girls,, i cant help it.. day dreaming kottt..), lets share girls..

credit to:
-attire+shoes :  man kajang
-accesory + hand bouquet : compliments from man kajang
-make up : amy janz
-photographer : green apple team
-dais and hall deco : arjuna cipta team
-cake : juzcakes_salwa

make up - make up..

posing-posing dulu before heading to damansara height hall..

mari berarak...




potong cake..

posing-posing lagi..

with hubby pulak..

ooppssssss....dont get mad girls.. =p

much love

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

malam berinai

hi girls...
presenting to you.. 1..2..3..majlis berinai kecil..yeahhh.. well, i personally requested for this berinai event..a simple majlis berinai attend by hubby's family, my family, and cousins..and jirans.. ngehhh.. so, here goes...

the home made pulut kuning..sangat sedap..we all makan pulut kuning with rendang daging.. in control ayu pose.. maluuu...

lovey-dovey pose with hubby and family... hihiiii..

much love

khatam al-quran

hello ladiesss....
i just want to share my majlis khatam al-quran which was held the night before my wedding reception..its just a simple kenduri khatam al-quran dan doa kesyukuran..requested by my mum..

masa inilah, aiza jumpa balik all makcik-makcik yang rajin datang kenduri-kendara since i was a little girl..hhii..and ustazah yang taught me how to mengaji al-quran pun ada..alhamdulillah.. =)

during the ngaji session, amir duduk right in the middle.. and said.. "oley tak amir nak aji ujakk" cute..
see..he was asking me.. with the most comel looks.. uiskkkk...

much love

wedding reception_volume 2 ^_^

hye ladiessss...

how's your wednesday bluess?? me?? tersangat boring kat office ni.. i have tons of paperworks and slides untuk disiapkan.. tapi..tersangat la malas nak proceed with works..

as a coffee lover.. pagi-pagi lagi aiza dah buat coffee..turn on my lappy and berazam to continue with those wish... =p
but now, jom layan my wedding photos.. takes place in kluang golf club and railway station.. classic theme.. ecehhhh..


personally, i really love this one..classic to green apple team.. =) highly recommended girls..

having my sisters as bridesmais and happy... =) and after finish shooting2..we all headed to non other the famous KLUANG RAILWAY station cafe... so, oldschool..tersangat-sangat the toast sisters siap makan 2 round, one during the photoshoot, and the second one after the photoshoot..see.. muka happy sangat dapat makan toast bun..

much love

my wedding reception..

hye ladiesss... well, here goes my reception ceremony..

-date :  18 december 2010..
-venue : home sweet home, johor..
-attire & shoes : man kajang..
-accessory + hand bouquet : compliments from man kajang
-make up : munie ahmad
-wedding cake : justcakes_salwa
-photographer : green apple team

hahaa..being married to a johorian..well, we do practice toll gate girl was reall exciting..cousins and friends waited patiently at my dais for the toll gate girl angpaw + pantun-pantun session..and makusu get the $$$ angpaw..sebab upah buka kipas princess of the day.. =) ecehhh

my aunty and my bff syikin was my wedding coordinator..i cant thank enough for their helped..and having my sisters as my bridesmaids was a right decision..they were so organized and multitasked people*so surprise*..
and i was lucky, my mum managed to invite tarian zapin and kompang group during the event..thanks mama.. *hugs and kisses*

my families in peach and in-laws in light brown..*much loves*    

with my sisters..

bundle of joys.. 

much love