Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wedding reception_volume 2 ^_^

hye ladiessss...

how's your wednesday bluess?? me?? tersangat boring kat office ni.. i have tons of paperworks and slides untuk disiapkan.. tapi..tersangat la malas nak proceed with works..

as a coffee lover.. pagi-pagi lagi aiza dah buat coffee..turn on my lappy and berazam to continue with those wish... =p
but now, jom layan my wedding photos.. takes place in kluang golf club and railway station.. classic theme.. ecehhhh..


personally, i really love this one..classic to green apple team.. =) highly recommended girls..

having my sisters as bridesmais and happy... =) and after finish shooting2..we all headed to non other the famous KLUANG RAILWAY station cafe... so, oldschool..tersangat-sangat the toast sisters siap makan 2 round, one during the photoshoot, and the second one after the photoshoot..see.. muka happy sangat dapat makan toast bun..

much love

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