Wednesday, March 23, 2011

khatam al-quran

hello ladiesss....
i just want to share my majlis khatam al-quran which was held the night before my wedding reception..its just a simple kenduri khatam al-quran dan doa kesyukuran..requested by my mum..

masa inilah, aiza jumpa balik all makcik-makcik yang rajin datang kenduri-kendara since i was a little girl..hhii..and ustazah yang taught me how to mengaji al-quran pun ada..alhamdulillah.. =)

during the ngaji session, amir duduk right in the middle.. and said.. "oley tak amir nak aji ujakk" cute..
see..he was asking me.. with the most comel looks.. uiskkkk...

much love

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