Wednesday, March 23, 2011

malam berinai

hi girls...
presenting to you.. 1..2..3..majlis berinai kecil..yeahhh.. well, i personally requested for this berinai event..a simple majlis berinai attend by hubby's family, my family, and cousins..and jirans.. ngehhh.. so, here goes...

the home made pulut kuning..sangat sedap..we all makan pulut kuning with rendang daging.. in control ayu pose.. maluuu...

lovey-dovey pose with hubby and family... hihiiii..

much love


  1. Congratulations aiza! sangat cantik ur wedding! im almost crying! haish, ter-emo pulak. hehe.

    u look stunning babe!

  2. hi aiza, same mcm belle, nak wish u congrats on ur wedding!
    u look stunning. simply beautiful decor with beautiful bride ;)
    keep in touch babe!

  3. cik belle: hiii.. tq dear..of course u will look super canteks on your big day too...

    lynda: tq lynda.. all deco at my home reception is homemade taw..aka..pengantin buat sendiri...hii.. simple je..