Thursday, June 2, 2011


hye girls...

just finished watching Everybody's Fine for the first time....
... and there's lotsa TEARs in my eyes... owhhh.. *mode:sensitif max*
.. i LOVE u dad.. the BEST dad in the world..
.. and there's a guy in my life.. whom i met 7years ago.. fallin in Love..
.. and now we're happily married.. =)
.. and i miss HIM so much..

much love

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

somewhere in port dickson...

Hello girls...

i Miss u guys... i Miss Blogging....
spread some LOVE at port dickson ^_^

hihiiii.. actually, this short holiday was on Labour Day.. dah lamakan.!!! but, i don't had time to blog.. plus, streamyx ***** 4Mbyte here at shah alam!!! but, why still slow laa?!! change to unifi??? hihiii... =p

so, it was PH and peak season.. and UNPLANNED trip...

we were just having breakfast at shah alam that morning and... typical me.. suddenly ajak hubby jalan-jalan to some other place to relax... so, off to PD.. why PD?? cause dekat to shah alam and nice BEACHes.. and.. dah lama tak jalan-jalan PD.. =)

so, we just walked in from one hotel.. to another.. first hotel, was avilion PD.. huhuu.. fully booked!!

secondly, we went to Selesa Beach Resort.. and lucks were with us.. 

they still had available room.. but, we had to wait almost 1.5 hours for the room to be ready for check in.. but, no worries.. me and hubby.. pergi makan-makan.. and then, the staff called us.. informing that the room dah ready.. yeahhhhh... *happY*

view of the hotel from beach/ swimming pool..

for dinner.. ada 2 sets.. dinner by the pool.. and the other dinner at the hotel's coffee house..

we ordered room service.. makan-makan while enjoying sunset from our room balcony..

simple dinner for 2..

cantikkan.. ^_^

we also enjoyed PD steamboat.. SEDAP!!!
boleh BAKAR or REBUS.. yummy yummy...

and lotsa souvenirs..
ada banyak sangat stall jual fridge magnets.. shirts.. shorts.. and
cute and huge pelampung and life jacket..

lepaking by the beach.. ada parachutes.. banana boats.. para-sailing.. jetskies...
*fun activities*
but, i was so malas.. =p just lepaking.. and then, mandi at swimming pool.. yeahhh..

bye bye PD.. till the next visit.. ^_^

singgah at levain.. as usual.. TERsangat crowded during weekends..


*lapar laa pulak*

overall.. the hotel was nice.. and harga pun ok.. 255++ during peak season with no reservation..
clean.. ada hairdryer..and ada bathtub.. *which is a MUST for me*

food?? okeylaa.. 7 out of 10..

much love

Friday, May 20, 2011

on KUTA, heart of Bali...

Hello girls...

hows your day?? mine?? i had a week off from works.. yeahhhh...
and feeling was GREAT.. emmm.. as you guys couldn't tell !!!! =)

last 2 weeks was super duper exhausting.. and stressful..
this week.. im just being so super LAZY.. just sleeping.. laying.. and eating like a LOT..
love food... =) ahahaaaaa..

and i realized that.. i havent blog about kuta.. so.. here it is... ^_^

it was our last day at BALI.. and our flight back to malaysia was at 950pm.. so, we had plenty of time to jalan-jalan around kuta that day.. we checked out early in the morning.. and hired another supir from the sanur hotel.. so, off to kuta...

first stop.. non-other than the HR Bali.. 
bought t-shirts.. and jalan-jalan along the street..


and.. checked out the pantai.. well, the pantai was nice...
but, personally, our malaysia's pantai much more cantik and bersih.. hahaaa,...
especially.. our pantai at sabah... =)
*just my toughts*


the ombak was super kuat.. people loved surfing rather than sunbathing here...
and ramai yang laying.. get tanned!!!


the mercure BALi... one of my favourite hotel..


we also jalan-jalan at Bali market.. banyak shops yang jual t-shirts, dresses.. begs.. 
with cheap price..
branded items.. and local stuffs.. semua pun ada.. just ready the $$$..
but, i found that, it was a bit mahal compared to ubud..
of course laa.. sebab ubud was at countryside.. and kuta was the heart of Bali..
sangat happening.. city that never sleeps..
sangat crowded.. the streets was sangat kecil.. and so many peoples.. cars.. motors..

we also had the chanced to visit the memorial at legian..
they listed down the names of all the mangsa-mangsa B***..
but, the whole area was already developed..
back in business.. cepat je recover.. =) 
*at this point.. both of me and hubby.. tak larat nak snapped picas dah..* =p



we arrived at nrugah rai airport at 6pm..
touring KUTA town.. tersangat PENAT...

hubby with the bags..
the pink bag was an *emergency bag* which i purposely bawa.. was a shopping bag.. boleh lipat-lipat.. kecil-kecil.. sebab it was a kain-bag..
and sangat berguna..
cause all the souvenirs.. semua masuk dalam tu.. banyak kan!!!

look.. our flight.. ak367.. 21:50..


so.. mari makan ayam penyet dulu!!! ahhaaa..

and then, lepaking at starbucks..


ahhaaa... bye for now..

much love

Saturday, May 14, 2011

on mother's day..

Hello girls...

i was super busy last week.. with students' final exam papers.. and meetings.. huhuuu.. so tiring!!! i dont even had time for blogging.. =p

though it was a week ago.. ahahaaa.. secretly, i always hope.. everyday is mother's day.. and father's day..

we do LOVEloveLOVE them so much.. *no words can describe it right?!!.. for all the things they had done to us.. everything.. *

our mother's day...

spend quality times with family.. wishing-wishing.. and makan-makan.. though both of my younger sisters cannot make it.. but, no worries.. i dah tolong makankan for both of you girls.. *ahahaaa =p*

so.. we had makan-makan at Belanga, Empire.. *requested by dearest mama.. teringin makan nasi kerabu katenya!! *me also* hihiii.. so, off to Empire...

when we arrived at Belanga.. it was fullhouse.. so we waited at this coziest sofa.. so comfy.. with lotsa pillows.. *reminded me of my BED* hahhahaaa..
lepas makan boleh sleeping beauty!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh.....

time to order!!!!

nasi kerabu, satay, mee kari, laksa, roti bakar.. and the famous lompat tikam..
sedap!!!! tak sempat captured all the photos.. sebab dah lapar!! ahhaaaaa.. mari makan...

after makan-makan.. the kids wanted toys from granny.. 
they cannot wait for the launch of thomas's film.. kids loved it so much..

amir was checking his thomas&friends collections!!!

owhhh.. nasiblaa.. he requested for this tier- thomas-railtrack...
 railtrack amir takde tiers like this!!! ahahaa..

amira.. being a girl.. loved barbie dolls..

and some little treats for mama.. i bought these last weekend.. alhamdulillah..
mama loved it...
father's day?? nak beli pressie apa yer??

have a nice weekend girls...

much love