Wednesday, May 25, 2011

somewhere in port dickson...

Hello girls...

i Miss u guys... i Miss Blogging....
spread some LOVE at port dickson ^_^

hihiiii.. actually, this short holiday was on Labour Day.. dah lamakan.!!! but, i don't had time to blog.. plus, streamyx ***** 4Mbyte here at shah alam!!! but, why still slow laa?!! change to unifi??? hihiii... =p

so, it was PH and peak season.. and UNPLANNED trip...

we were just having breakfast at shah alam that morning and... typical me.. suddenly ajak hubby jalan-jalan to some other place to relax... so, off to PD.. why PD?? cause dekat to shah alam and nice BEACHes.. and.. dah lama tak jalan-jalan PD.. =)

so, we just walked in from one hotel.. to another.. first hotel, was avilion PD.. huhuu.. fully booked!!

secondly, we went to Selesa Beach Resort.. and lucks were with us.. 

they still had available room.. but, we had to wait almost 1.5 hours for the room to be ready for check in.. but, no worries.. me and hubby.. pergi makan-makan.. and then, the staff called us.. informing that the room dah ready.. yeahhhhh... *happY*

view of the hotel from beach/ swimming pool..

for dinner.. ada 2 sets.. dinner by the pool.. and the other dinner at the hotel's coffee house..

we ordered room service.. makan-makan while enjoying sunset from our room balcony..

simple dinner for 2..

cantikkan.. ^_^

we also enjoyed PD steamboat.. SEDAP!!!
boleh BAKAR or REBUS.. yummy yummy...

and lotsa souvenirs..
ada banyak sangat stall jual fridge magnets.. shirts.. shorts.. and
cute and huge pelampung and life jacket..

lepaking by the beach.. ada parachutes.. banana boats.. para-sailing.. jetskies...
*fun activities*
but, i was so malas.. =p just lepaking.. and then, mandi at swimming pool.. yeahhh..

bye bye PD.. till the next visit.. ^_^

singgah at levain.. as usual.. TERsangat crowded during weekends..


*lapar laa pulak*

overall.. the hotel was nice.. and harga pun ok.. 255++ during peak season with no reservation..
clean.. ada hairdryer..and ada bathtub.. *which is a MUST for me*

food?? okeylaa.. 7 out of 10..

much love


  1. bestnya aizaaaa.dh rs mcm tourist kt negara sndri o tgk pics u. selesa hotel ye..noted.dh dkt 10thn i tk ke PD wpun rumah i di Seremban.hahahaha.

    mak oi sedapnya semua mknn..cant wait to settle dh kwin jalan2 suka hati dgn suami,rs nk kemana2 sgort trip or nginap mana2 g je.kalau xkawin lg kan mcm terbatas skit..huhu.sbar lisa..hehe

  2. bes nyer aiza..jenjalan..btl3x..sokong 110% kata2 lisa tu..kalu dah kwen senang..nak ke mana pun bole..wif hubby of course..hee..xsbr jgk.. =D

  3. lisa: yup.. mmg besh jalan-jalan aftr married.. i still remembered waktu countdown days to b married.. same laa.. rase tak sabar nak settle down evrything.. =p

    zana: haah... jimat and best.. and sangat meaningful and contented.. =)

  4. nyumm2 sedapnye mknnn:) ade good news ek sis?:)