Friday, May 6, 2011

ubud and sanur of BALI....

Hello girls...

hows your day??? i am so happy.. we are at my sister's place.. and my parents came.. owhh.. sungguh best and content!!!!  alhamdulillah..  i really missed my mom.. and her cooking!!! * though baru jumpa last week* sangat happy cause we can celebrate this mother's day together-gether!!!

so, lets continue...
it was so SAD.. saying goodbye to WAKA resort.. but, have to lorrr... cause we already paid for hotel at sanur, bali... so bye-bye.. waka resort.. sob..sob..sob...


our pak supir hantar  us to our hotel at sanur.. it took almost 1 hour from ubud-sanur..
and.. i slept along the way.. =p

tadaaa.. dah sampai...
it was nice and clean hotel.. but, bathtub quite kecil..
and i suka sangat their mineral bottles.. because dalam botol kaca.. 
*same as at WAKA resort*
no plastic bottles!!  feel betul bila minum.. straight from the fridge!!! sejukkkkk..


at sanur.. we go shopping-shopping.. jalan-jalan.. lepaking and makan-makan.. 
the food+hospitality okeylaa.. just nice.. ^_^


look there.. jetty+ferry to lombok!!!  simple je.. takde building pun.. 
tak macam our jetty kan..

ahaha.. happy face after shopping!!!

we also jalan-jalan at sanur town.. it was easier to find halal food/masjid at sanur compared to ubud..
banyak kedai nasi padang.. so, no worries!!!


it was so relaxing here..
but, i preferred ubud rather than sanur.. 
honestly, if i scaled.. from 1-10...
i give WAKA resort a 20..definitely... 
*highly recommended for people who loves nature.. loves serenity..*
and sanur.. a 7 out of 10..

enjoy your holiday girls..

much love

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