Monday, May 2, 2011

make up by amy janz ...

Hello girls...

its monday... and it is still a cuti-day.. yeahhhh.. ^_^

and.. emmm.. i feel like i've got tons to share with you girls... but i dont know where to begin.. well, i guess i should habiskan dulu my review on makeup.. and then.. maybe about my honeymoon... and .... bla..bla..blaa.. please bear with me darlings..

owhhhh.. i'm so CANT wait to share.... hint : im so into home ID right now.. =)
my owhhh my...step.. by step..

so, for now.. lets talk about amy jans...

man kajang-amy janz.. they're like a TEAM.. man kajang gave us special amy janz make up rate.. because we did our reception attires with him.. so, okey laa.. we got lotsa discount!!! which i LIKE!!!.. well, who doesnt??!! LOL... and man kajang also yang arranged everything with amy.. we just double checked it with him every now and then.. so.. sangat senang for me.. *LIKE*

amy arrived at the hotel at 9:00am.. *punctual* and he brought his assisstant.. together with one BIG travelling beg.. owhhh.. feeling artis sekejap.. ngehhhh...

then, the assisstant.. arranged all the make up tools on bed and table.. mostly from MAC,  makeupforever.. 
dior.. chanel.. and banyak lagi... i was too EXCITED to blend everything.. ahahaaa...
the best part was... amy began the session with a face and a bit shoulder massage!!!!
which i found so interesting and relaxing!!! 

*eyes-make up*
emm.. as i shared you  before, i was a bit cerewet for this one.. *cant help it*
but, amy did a VERY good job...  * of course he did lorrr*
amy really particular with make up di bahagian mata... *LIKE*
it took like forever... compared to other parts..

during the make up session.. amy shared some makeup tips with me..
to me *personally*, amy is a humble person..
tak banyak cakap sangat.. and tak diam sangat...
which was just nice.. and he did jokes too... *owhhh, so suprised*
so, i tak laa rasa shy-shy or awkward...

tadaaaa... waiting for hubby...

amy did all.. pakaikan my veil.. betulkan hubby's cravat.. and attire..
and did final touch to both of us.. before we left to damansara height hall..

owhhh... though it was months away..
i still remembered every details about my wedding..
it was a beautiful day for us..

*this was a candid shoot..and i hardly believed it..*

much love


  1. i sukaaaa mekap amy janz too... :)
    (but could not afford to hire him hehe)

  2. lisa: to be honest.. make-up and attire.. dua yg terpenting during any events.. and of course, talented and good photographer too.. *just my personal tought*

    just hired someone yg u really trust.. and
    the pictures last forever darling.. =)