Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my day...

Hello girls...

i miss those moments.. when my days were filled with books.. i mean.. lotsa.. lotsa and lotsa bookkkkssss... ahhhaaa... *surprisingly*

maybe its a SIGN for me to cepat-cepat further my phd.. =p
yeahhh.. its been 2++ years since i graduated my master's degree... hohooo..

i really missed those moments.. all the stressed.. pressured.. ahahaaa.. but, alhamdulillah.. i managed to keep calm and carry on with the exams.. presentations... =)

lotsa study + workhard + determination + pray..

do the best.. believe in yourself..

all  the hard work paid off... the feeling was really good.. ^_^

ahahaaa.. i knew it.. WHY  i rindu sangat my zaman study + student !!!!
today, i was assigned to monitor final examination..
nahhhhh.. sebab itulaa.. dush..dush..came accrossed all the memories..
zaman muda remaja.. zaman ber-chenta dengan my hubby.. ahahaa.. =p

the exam hall.. *before the exam*

the exam hall *during the exam*

and yeahhh..
during rehat hours.. i sempat check my student's FYP report.. ahhaa..
next week.. i must be busy marking all those exam papers..
huuuhuu.. wish me luck...
lotsa.. lotsa.. and lotsa STRENGTH ^_^

*guess..i prefer to seat for the exam.. rather than marking it* =p

much love



  1. hahhaa..comel jer..skng turn aiza lak jga exam..marking papers..n FYP..hahaha..

  2. hihii.. tulaaa.. kne tambah lagi.. do research!!! huhuuu.. and pegi conference.. target pun yg paling minimum je.. ahahaa. barulaa sedar betapa BAHAGIANYA menjadi student...