Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flavours of BALI ...

Hello girls..

owhhh.. i almost forgot that i owed you girls about my sweet honeymoon.. ecehhhh.. 

well.. we spent our homeymoon at BALI.. it was 4 days after we sealed the NIKAH deal.. ^_^
..after our Bukit Tinggi honeymoon.. to be exact..

before getting married.. i always wanted to go to aussie for honeymoon... but, after lotsa thinking.. (mostly about longer travelling hours *8hrs* + romantic mode*beach/island*), so, we cancelled aussie.. *but, no worries.. its still in my wishlist* hihiii.. so, we decided to go to Bali.. 

our honeymoon package was at WAKA resorts and cruises, ubud, bali... owhhh.. my gosh.. everything was traditional.. well preserved.. tersangat-sangat romantic and sweet...

me.. with my super excited face =) just landed at the airport..

our pak supir..
the one yang entertained us.. our tourist guide/driver during the honeymoon..
he was a very good driver.. well, biasa laa.. jalan di bali semuanya kecil and crowded..

owhh.. sampai je dalam kereta, he welcomed us properly with his short/nice talk.. and provided us with wet towels.. and cold drinks.. owhh.. the hospitality was TIPTOP...
sadly, i never experienced this great hospitality even in any 5star hotels/resorts in malaysia..

when we arrived at the resort.. they already prepared everything for us..
we just relax and enjoyed our welcomed coconut juices and cakes.. and another wet towel..

* NO payment via cash/credit card as the deposit*
during checked out, baru settle kan all the payment $$$.. 
and the payment was in USD..
so, we have to convert ikut the current currency rate..

sampai to our room..owhhh.. ours was villa with private pool..
large +comfy bed.. large bathtub.. nice daybed..
and large private pool just for us.. in front of our villa..

look.. nice pool rite?? and the flowers was orchids..*LIKE*
everyday for our bathtub.. and flower arrangement atas katil..
and you know what.. the room service was twice a day.. first, was morning.. *during breakfast* and the second one *during dinner*
just to make sure that we had a good/nice sleep!!! best kan!!!

me and hubby.. really enjoyed our private pool.. best sangat!!! i dont know how.. but the architecture was really good.. no one can see us at our area/swimming pool/villa... so, it was very privacy!!!

ahaaa.. and the FOOD !!!

we requested for halal food before we confirmed the honeymoon package..
the food was sangat SEDAP !!! it was all home-made.. even the coffee...
rich and sedap...
all i can say.. the food sangat SEDAP..TIPTOP !!!
me and hubby gained weight taw !!!!!

and we ordered room service too.. while enjoying movies..

and the town...UBUD, bali !!!!

ubud town.. jauh sikit from KUTA *heart of Bali*..
so, everything was quite murah.. compared to kuta..
but, still have to tawar-menawar laa.. sebab mostly memang tourist yang shopping..
but, it was a GOOD bargain.. i really enjoyed shopping here!!!

owhhh.. our HONEYMOON dinner...
so romantic.. at the *flooting bale* just two of us..
they lights up candles along the way from our villa to the floating bale !!!
how romantic was that !!!! best kan !!

owhh...we also being pamperad at their famous SPA..
tapi, too lazy to bring camera.. or snap pictures via phones...

 the 2 hours massage... sangat BEST !!!
well, im also a SPA lover.. especially the massage!! owhh.. *cannot resist*
btw, there are so many types of massage.. and
i love indonesia/ balinese massage rather than chinese massage..
and i love Tini's Spa, shah alam.. *highly recommended girls*

well girls...
we really had romantic times during our honeymoon..
we really enjoyed and loved it to bits...
the food.. the hospitality.. the warmth... the serenity..
*and you know what, they.. *all the staff* memorized all the guests name* how suprising!!!

it was a different pleasure.. extraordinary and so unforgettable...

we DEFINITELY will be visiting this amazing homeland again.. *WAKA resorts*
yeahhh.. definitely !!!

and after spending amazing days at ubud.. we continued our honeymoon at sanur and kuta..
wait for it girls ^_^

much love


  1. Aizaaa bestnya dpt honeymoon kt of my dream jugak tu.huhuhu. 1st time i read about Ubud Bali dkt blog Ninie the yoga instructor. i love nature and green view so mcm aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh bestnya tmpt ni(sambil pikir mst mahal ni of course la kan hehe).

    want to pray one day i dpt juga ke Ubud post pls :)

  2. bestnyeee ! nak pegi jugakkk :) akak cari pakej kat mane?

  3. lisa: yup.. sangat privacy... hospitality TIPTOP!!! pegi laa.. im sure u will love it!!

  4. su: akak gi time pameran pengantin!! kat midvalley.. time tuh mmg waka resort tu bukak booth kat situ.. ade banyak lagi.. honeymoon destination.. tp time tu, interested ngn package nih.. and its all worth !!!!! =)

  5. Hi! Do you still have the contact of the pak supir? I'll be going to Bali on the 20th, would really like to find a driver to drive us around. Thanks! - Shazlin

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