Friday, May 20, 2011

on KUTA, heart of Bali...

Hello girls...

hows your day?? mine?? i had a week off from works.. yeahhhh...
and feeling was GREAT.. emmm.. as you guys couldn't tell !!!! =)

last 2 weeks was super duper exhausting.. and stressful..
this week.. im just being so super LAZY.. just sleeping.. laying.. and eating like a LOT..
love food... =) ahahaaaaa..

and i realized that.. i havent blog about kuta.. so.. here it is... ^_^

it was our last day at BALI.. and our flight back to malaysia was at 950pm.. so, we had plenty of time to jalan-jalan around kuta that day.. we checked out early in the morning.. and hired another supir from the sanur hotel.. so, off to kuta...

first stop.. non-other than the HR Bali.. 
bought t-shirts.. and jalan-jalan along the street..


and.. checked out the pantai.. well, the pantai was nice...
but, personally, our malaysia's pantai much more cantik and bersih.. hahaaa,...
especially.. our pantai at sabah... =)
*just my toughts*


the ombak was super kuat.. people loved surfing rather than sunbathing here...
and ramai yang laying.. get tanned!!!


the mercure BALi... one of my favourite hotel..


we also jalan-jalan at Bali market.. banyak shops yang jual t-shirts, dresses.. begs.. 
with cheap price..
branded items.. and local stuffs.. semua pun ada.. just ready the $$$..
but, i found that, it was a bit mahal compared to ubud..
of course laa.. sebab ubud was at countryside.. and kuta was the heart of Bali..
sangat happening.. city that never sleeps..
sangat crowded.. the streets was sangat kecil.. and so many peoples.. cars.. motors..

we also had the chanced to visit the memorial at legian..
they listed down the names of all the mangsa-mangsa B***..
but, the whole area was already developed..
back in business.. cepat je recover.. =) 
*at this point.. both of me and hubby.. tak larat nak snapped picas dah..* =p



we arrived at nrugah rai airport at 6pm..
touring KUTA town.. tersangat PENAT...

hubby with the bags..
the pink bag was an *emergency bag* which i purposely bawa.. was a shopping bag.. boleh lipat-lipat.. kecil-kecil.. sebab it was a kain-bag..
and sangat berguna..
cause all the souvenirs.. semua masuk dalam tu.. banyak kan!!!

look.. our flight.. ak367.. 21:50..


so.. mari makan ayam penyet dulu!!! ahhaaa..

and then, lepaking at starbucks..


ahhaaa... bye for now..

much love

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