Friday, April 29, 2011

a good cup of coffee.......

Hello girls...

enjoy your weekend....
have a good cup of coffee... and have a great weekend...

owhhh.. i LOVE coffee!!!!

much love

Thursday, April 28, 2011

make-up by Munie Ahmad ~ solemnization, khatam al-quran and berinai ceremony~

Hello girls..

yeahhh.. today is thursday... tomorrow will be friday.. and i love friday.. i mean.. who doesn't!!!! 

it is raining heavily here in shah alam.. the wind is crazy.. a bit ribut.. huhuuu.. but no worries.. i'm at home.. i went backed home early today.. ^_^ work is crazy.. ngehhhhhh....

owhhhh... lets talk about make up...  by...


she was the person who dolled me up during my nikah.. khatam al-quran and berinai ceremony.... and also my johor reception..(will be reviewed later).. 
she done her job amazingly.. i am FULLY satisfied.. hubby loved it.. mama loved it.. sisters loved it.. everyone loved her touched.. ^_^

munie was so NICE in person.. VERY-VERY good in PR.. and very TALENTED.. actually, she was dolled me up also during my engagement back in january last year.. 
working with munie was tersangat-sangat senang.. i just email her my favourite look and my theme.. and she prepared the rest.. such accessories...

and most importantly.. she was sangat NEAT and ORGANIZED with her work.. such  her schedule.. her make up tools.. accessories.. payments..etc.. and of course her magic touched.. ^_^

this was during the solemnization ceremony..

and i opted for smokey eyes.. in softer version..

tudung : from fareeda..
and veil.. was DIY laaa.. i just bought 1m net.. 
and jahit the lebih kain from my nikah baju kurung..
hihiii... and i loved it.. and i requested not to wear tiara during nikah ceremony.. 

this was after nikah.. we were prepared for an outdoor photoshoot.. at melacca.. 
*remembered from my previous wedding post*
truthfully, it was a last minute idea.. by hubby actually..
so, being a good wifey.. *ecehhh... baru for a coupled hours married* i layan je laaa..



 this was during khatam al-quran ceremony.. the theme was girlish..
so, pinkish touched laaa..

tudung : from fareeda also
seledang : from jalan tar.. murah je.. around 30++..

my sisters also dressed in PINK... 
and both my anak sedara.. in bluepurplePINK stripes..
they brought loves in my family.. our laughs.. and our joys...

mama also in PINK..

 this was during berinai ceremony.. the pulut kuning cuting..
also celebrating my PARENTS wedding anniversary..
*refer to my previous wedding entry* .. sorry i don't know how to make LINKs.. *sorry girls*
and the veil was DIY also..

lets potong the pulut kuning.. 
* i was really HAPPY*
SAYANG my parents.. really sayang both of them.. sayang my sisters.. sayang my family.. 
sayang my HUBBY ^_^

sayang my FIL...

i am so blessed.. and i am thankful for everything... 


lfb note: munie's make up rate is really affordable..
             i can get 2 events with munie rather than 1 with amy janz..
            but, biasa laa... everyone has their own strength and weakness...
            all i can say is that ...i am fully satisfied with munie's touch..
            HIGHLY recommended girls...
            and all the photos are UNEDITED... by suriya.. *credit to green apple team*
bye for now...

much love

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

arzlee and nana engagement...

Hello girls...

last weekend, we was invited to arzlee+nana beautiful engagement ceremony.. sweet sangat-sangat.. actually arzlee was hubby's cousin.. and he was hubby's pengapit at both of our receptions.. so, this time around, it was his day.. ^_^ and we are so happy for him and nana.. *BIG smile*

the engagement dais.. simple and sweet kan??

nana was pretty in pink.. and so CUTE as always..

the engagement hantarans..

the food was so sedap.. and best dapat makan kuih kole kacang.. 
lama tak makan that yummy kuih.. hahaa..*seriously*

if you guys notice.. i was wearing my nikah outfit... 
yup, just a humble beaded-lace baju kurung.. 
*though, it was SPECIAL to me.. like forever pun still special taw.. hahahaaa*

and the BEST part???
i can always wear it over and over again.. yippiee..
totally, worth it.. ^_^
boleh simpan as kenangan sweet kenangan
& boleh pakai again and again sampai boring.. hahaaa..

much love

Monday, April 25, 2011

eat.. love.. eat..

Hello girls..

ahaaaa.. eat.. love and eat.. ^_^

last week i was so craving for macarons... that little yummy-yummy.. drives me crazy.. ngehhhh.. so off we went to home of delicious macarons and patisserie .. ~levain boulangerie patisserie~ 

actually, i liked to makan-makan at levain on weekdays rather than weekends.. but, dear weekends.. its all we've got.. so, terpaksa laa waited patiently for tables.. it was so crowded over the weekends.. btw, the good news was.. the operating hours has been extended to 9pm daily.. yippieee.. 


owhhh.. fresh from the "stone oven".. their specialties..

 all the pastries.. lasagna.. soup.. cappucino.. juices..sesangat sedap... ^_^

 and yes.. i've got my macarons...

owhhhhh.. my HAPPY and excited face...
*control comel a bit* ahaahaaa.. sebab so many peoples were looking.. 
*mode sungguh perasan*

 much love

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the gifts...

Hello girls..

its the gifts or hantaran..

yes, i did the hantaran for BOTH sides.. gifts for HIM and gifts for HER.. ^_^

MAMA and MIL are okey with it.. so, here goes.. ~LFB~ @ LoveFaithBelieve creations.. ahahaaa..  actually, its linda  @ yang nick me by this ~LBF~  thanks dear.. so sweet of you..

its just a simple hantaran arrangement.. truthfully, i 'm doing it for fun.. ahahaa..
so, dont expect the extravagant!!   =p

after all, i always loved to deco..

gifts for HER..

gifts for HIM..

and some close-up... feast your eyes..

yup, this is the sarung cincin moment..
i always missed this moment.. life's precious moment right ???

much love