Monday, April 11, 2011

runaway bride..

Hello girls..

11am..sweet nikah ceremony..


7 hours later...
this is me and hubby.. the runaway bride and groom..

hahaaa.. right after nikah.. we spent holidays at bukit tinggi before heading to Bali.. its hubby's choice..he said.. it reminds him of france.. hahaaa.. though it was far beyond france way of life.. *laugh loud*...

everytime we go to bukit tinggi.. we always had the calamari and pizza for dinner..its the first restaurant on the right-handside from the resort entrance.. not bad at all  =)

see the BnW swans.. 
breathtaking views in the morning..
sadly,kene turun lobby for breakfast.. no room service in the morning..
 almost all restaurants have the same operating hours..

much love

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