Thursday, April 21, 2011

about man kajang..

Hello girls..

about man kajang..

believe or not... before married or planning to get married.. i'd never ever imagine of how my wedding outfit will be.. *seriuosly* i never thought of it.. even in my daydreaming aka berangan time.. hihii.. all i know.. i wanna keep my wedding outfit.. and thats for sure !!!!!

it only acrossed my mind.. when i saw the beautiful wedding of MAYA KARIN.. owhh.. i adored her gorgeous and sweet wedding dress at FRIM reception.. loved her wedding too.. minimalist garden concept yet so classy .. lovely right!!

why MAN kajang??

there is no solid reason.. me girls.. i just make a few phone calls.. with no detail/further research *cause i never thought of having designer's work*..  plus, he can work with my tiny.. tiny.. and tiny budget.. so, he wins.. hahaaa... just like that...
^_^  so, feast your eyes...

johor recption's outfit.. classic theme..

 custom made shoes by man kajang too..

complimentary of fresh flowers hand bouquet.. total of 60++ lovely flowers..
towards the end of the reception.. my hand got lenguh-lenguh holding the bouquet.. hahaa..

hubby's outfit was by man kajang too..
the tanjak, samping.. coat.. were complimentary items..

owhh.. man kajang also showered us with his bling-bling accessories.. hihii..
he was the one.. yang pick the right accessories for me and hubby..
such tiara.. necklace..earings.. that suits well with our attires..

i loved my long beaded veil... dramatic effects huh!!!

for damansara reception..
modern + english + garden theme.. * inspired by MAYA's wedding*

custom made shoes by man kajang..

both brides + groom attires definitely by man kajang... ngehhhh..

compliments.. fresh flowers hand bouquet and bling-bling accessories as well...

actually, i was quite nervous to put on.. all the accessories.. i mean the necklace+earings..
i thought..too much bling-bling.. hihii..
so, i snapped a photo of myself.. *sempat lagi i did an experiment*
hahaaa.. it turned canteks.. ^_^  *according to me+hubby*
so, why not!!!! ngehhhh..

princess of the day..
*excused me girls.. cant helped it.. its MY day*

i loved my kain's train.. it balanced dengan my comel veil...
big credit to man kajang..

i am MORE than HAPPY.. thanks dear hubby...

NOTE :   psstt... owhhh.. i'm craving for macarons...
                delicious + sweet treats... my owhhh my..   ^_^

tempting right!!!

much love


  1. iskh craving2 nie ader pape ker?hikhik suka manis2 gegurl tau..hahaa

  2. ngehhh... tengah mode lapar time tulis entry nihh.. hihii.. doakan laa.. =)

  3. ayok tgk org kawin teringat zaman akak dulu!!! huhuhuhu

  4. hihiiii.. sape pon tak kan lupe wedding sendiri.. lagi tambah berangan ade.. =p

  5. aiza,cantik sgt bju aiza utk 2-2 reception yg plg zna suka yg kat kl tu la...mcm princess..hee..

  6. hiii.. thx zna.. ape lagi.. himpun duit.. sikit-sikit lelame menjadi bukit,,gunung,, hihhiiii =)

  7. beautiful wedding u had! lovely!

  8. hi :)
    I am lisa a b2b too.. wow.cntik2nya baju kawin u!!! u r lucky babe!!!

  9. he is ok... but he made my engagement baju sgt2 buruk.. and i skg da banned de from my list ... maybe u r very lucky but not me. skg de pun marah kt i sbb x amek kt de for wedding n solemnization, but what to do, i trauma selepas tunang =(

  10. cik belle: thank you dear.. cant wait for yours!!!

    lisalisut: hows your W-day prep?? enjoy preparing..
    btw, thanks..

  11. miss tatie: ooo..cian u..sampai trauma.. dia marah?? WHY??? its your day.. your choice.. just follow your heart..

  12. Ermmm my auntie pun pernah kne sama mcm miss plk ngn designer lain,kdg2 designer memang mcm 2 agaknyer...h3h3 papepun serius cantik baju dan pelamin u tapi tengok hand bouquet 2 nampak berat agak2nye bpe bunga ros pkai ek...h3h3

  13. wan: iyeker?? everyone lain2 experience kan..alhamdulillah.. mine went well.. bunga tu berat jugak.. dlm 60++ roses..

  14. baju u cantik2...=) n pelamin..ske sgt.. =)

  15. hye i know dis is late.. but congratz on ur wedding..! sgt chantek..!! baju+makeup sgt2 gojes.. i ada email u to ask sumthing.. ;)

  16. hi, u said tiny,tiny budget. How tiny it is? hehehe..