Monday, April 4, 2011

one ROCKing night

Hello girls..

hows your day?? mine was quite kelam kabut..ngehhhh..plane touched down at 8am..then, terus beli tiket cab..lcct-shah alam..then, getting ready to 9am sampai office..uitm di hatiku..thinking of loads of office stuff yang menimbun.. terus beli brunch+waffles with my friend..dengan penuh keazaman nak siapkan keje..*seriously??? laugh..laugh..laugh*

emm..mata dah pening-pening marking students' assigments..but, bila open je this blog.. automatically im smilling..boleh tak???? hilang pening-pening itu..wawaaahhhhh...ingat aiza..this week ada huge task waiting for u..*gentle reminder to perempuan cantik ini*... sila jangan marah girls..

=p tak kisah laa.. jom layan these pictures with rocking night at was january 2011..time ni both.. me and hubby need some little time to relax..after happy+penat with our receptions..and yes, the HR hotel was superb as always la kannn... =)

isi perut time at HR cafe..the cafe in penang much more spacious then KL..but, still full house..luckily we got the all access HR card.. so, no waiting-waiting, no queuing-queuing..we got the HR priority and we were well served..thank u HR.. *BIG smiles*

during makan-makan ada band buat performance.. all rock n roll..blues..slow rock songs.. besh.. but, i found myself more attractive to those comel lights.. HR signiture lights.. always tukar-tukar color.. *cool*

ppsssstttt...i guess me and hubby are HUGE HR fans.. ngehhh..

till then, much love

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