Thursday, April 14, 2011

always..always..and always beautiful to me.. ^_^

Hello girls..

this week has been pretty hectic for me..but, finally, i can take a breath.. yeahhhh.. *even, just for a few days*..
i managed to finish the course outlines for my students.. hopefully they will perform in the final examination.. starting next wednesday.. *praying and hoping*


always been the sweetest??? always..always..and always beautiful for me???
of course my humble dais...

i loved all my dais.. it was as sweet as i always pictured it in my mind..
and it was so special.. because.. i made it MYSELF... hahaaaa kidding!!! not myself at all laaa.. of course i got a LOT of help.. mostly from my maksu.. and besties..n sisters.. n cousins..see.. so many helpers.. hihii.. credit to all.. =) 

my first ever dais arrangement was during my engagement.. ^_^  so simple..
takde spotlight pun.. but *i like it so much*

me and MIL..

after the sarung cincin majlis.. posing-posing session laa..
this photo was the first photo i uploaded at fb myself.. hahaaa.. dulu, i was so lazy to upload photos.. =p

with a little FAITH.. i did my nikah dais..

it was quite an intimate ceremony..
just my family, hubby's family, closest friend and relatives..
for nikah and sarung cincin session, we just duduk at the platform..
surrounded by red+pinkish flowers..

for photo sessions.. baru letak kerusi at the platform..
and arranged the flowers to kiri and kanan dais..

and.. a month after that..

finally.. the reception ceremony..
this was the super+duper+biggest+highest..challenged for me..  hahaaa... im not gonna lie.. i sangat+super takut.. but, my maksu and i.. successfully done it... *super satisfied*
the most risau part was.. cukup tak bunga ni!!??!!  cause if tak cukup.. tak sempat dah nak beli at romantika..

it took us 4 days to finish this dais.. hahaaa.. lama kan.. i know.. for the expert dais maker.. they only done it for few hours je.. mine?? hahaaa.. took so long.. excused us... we are amateur in dais making..
well, actually, maksu was a part-time dais-flower-hantaran maker.. =) she loves to decorate.. and i share the same interest with her.. =)

tadaaaaaa.. my reception dais..

macam tak percaya.. why we took so long to siapkan this dais..
its not extravagant + not extraordinary.. it just a simple reception dais..
but still,
its the sweetest for me..
just lovely..


hahaaa... during the damansara reception..
of course..done by the expert..
BIG credit to arjuna cipta...
they successfully did my fairytale dais..

lets have a closer look. girls..

i like this chair so much.. ^_^

ahaaaa.. my sister.. posing at my pelamin..during..
 me and hubby salam-salam with our guests..
we cant thankz enough for all the doa..wishes..and gifts.. 

owhhh... i can pictured it very clearly.. those moments..when i walked down the aisle with hubby...
*romantic mode sekejap*..
it touched my heart when i saw all of our families..and friends coming...

i already had my sweetest moments.. unforgettable and blissful memories in my life..
*praying for more..and more.. and more to come*

and i am sure.. you will get yours too..
happy preparing girls...

much love


  1. hi aiza, syok tgk aiza deco semua dais by urself..of course got help from d others..hee...sgt cntik..nice..bunga tu yg menambahkan seri..fresh flowers lg u...hee..

  2. hiii.. tq zana.. but, my dais guna artificial flower je.. tu yg buat sampai 4days.. ahahaaa..lamakan!!!
    .. damansara dais baru pakai fresh flowers..

  3. what a small world.. i just blogwalking to ur blog after baca blog Cik Belle regarding Diamond GIA..then really impress.'' eh, wife Fadrul Faiz isn't it?..hahahkss if not mistaken kite penah jumpe sekali gathering SMKIH di Hotel Putra..duk semeja.. :)
    Congratsss dear!.Hope both of u life happily ever after!

    pss..i nk ur address nk post my wed card..

  4. yus: hi dear.. of course i remembered u.. congratz in advanced ye.. bile majlis nyr?? nnt aiza email address k.. ^_^ happy preparing..