Monday, April 25, 2011

eat.. love.. eat..

Hello girls..

ahaaaa.. eat.. love and eat.. ^_^

last week i was so craving for macarons... that little yummy-yummy.. drives me crazy.. ngehhhh.. so off we went to home of delicious macarons and patisserie .. ~levain boulangerie patisserie~ 

actually, i liked to makan-makan at levain on weekdays rather than weekends.. but, dear weekends.. its all we've got.. so, terpaksa laa waited patiently for tables.. it was so crowded over the weekends.. btw, the good news was.. the operating hours has been extended to 9pm daily.. yippieee.. 


owhhh.. fresh from the "stone oven".. their specialties..

 all the pastries.. lasagna.. soup.. cappucino.. juices..sesangat sedap... ^_^

 and yes.. i've got my macarons...

owhhhhh.. my HAPPY and excited face...
*control comel a bit* ahaahaaa.. sebab so many peoples were looking.. 
*mode sungguh perasan*

 much love


  1. ermmm nie dekat prince court 2 ek klu xsilap lor mbe wan baru cerita tempat nie..ishh nk kne pi nie...huhuhu

  2. wan: yupp.. dekat dgn prince court.. serious sedap wan (esp for a french food lover).. jom makan-makan.. hihiii.. =)

  3. k.aiza, macaron at babycake sweet shoppe amat G-tower.try la :)

  4. su: waa.. iyeker.. no worries dear.. i will try it.. yummy..yummy.. =) btw, thankx su..