Monday, April 11, 2011

see the BERRIES at genting highlands..

Hello girls...

its me and my jalan-jalan time with hubby again.. ahahaaa =p
and this time.. its genting highlands..

its just an ordinary weekend..
and..out of no where.. me wants cool n nice wheather so much.. so, off to genting..

we stayed at awana genting highlands.. nice view, nice food .. and large bathtub.. =p

 then, jalan-jalan time.. visit the stawberry farm.. this is my first time plucking the berries.. *seriously excited*
some visitor..terus makan..fresh dari ladang katanya.. ngehhhh...

and lovely orchids.. so pretty.. out for sale.. ahaaa..
while hubby with the mushrooms.. so many types of mushrooms..
*i had no many types of mushrooms* kalau makan.. confirm i know.. =D

see there.. me.. comparing my round face with the round-cute orchids..
confirm laa i yang menang..
*according to dear hubby laa* kidding girls...
the orchids so lovely though ..

much love

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