Saturday, April 23, 2011

the gifts...

Hello girls..

its the gifts or hantaran..

yes, i did the hantaran for BOTH sides.. gifts for HIM and gifts for HER.. ^_^

MAMA and MIL are okey with it.. so, here goes.. ~LFB~ @ LoveFaithBelieve creations.. ahahaaa..  actually, its linda  @ yang nick me by this ~LBF~  thanks dear.. so sweet of you..

its just a simple hantaran arrangement.. truthfully, i 'm doing it for fun.. ahahaa..
so, dont expect the extravagant!!   =p

after all, i always loved to deco..

gifts for HER..

gifts for HIM..

and some close-up... feast your eyes..

yup, this is the sarung cincin moment..
i always missed this moment.. life's precious moment right ???

much love


  1. hi puan aiza. serius cantik both deco.u diy sndri?wow!! smgt i nk diy ngaha.(tp i punye pakai artificial saje hehe..)

  2. lisa: yup, buat sendiri je.. btw, all artificial flower je dear.. beli kat romantika.. fresh flower just for sirih junjung..
    im sure u can diy jugak.. u go girl!!!! btw, thankz..^_^