Tuesday, April 19, 2011

waiting-waiting.. and cake???

Hello girls...

hows your weekend???
mine??.. emmm..its full of experiments?? ...what ???

yup.. you heard me.. full of experiments.. hahaa.. experiment of waiting-waiting, experiment of cooking-cooking.. and experiment of watching-watching..
*so wifey-hood kan*

but, for now, lets share about my experiment of waiting-waiting and experiment of cooking-cooking.. 

i) experiment of waiting-waiting..

- this experiment was so challenging.. why?? the MAIN reason was because.. 
i'm waiting for my cooking-cooking experiment.. while i'm in my waiting-waiting experiment.. ahahaaa.. PENING tak?? so, it was double waiting-waiting..
actually, i'm waiting for hubby.. he had a meeting.. and i dont want to stay at home alone.. so, i followed him.. ^_^

i waited patiently.. browsing.. blog-hopping.. and bila sudah super bosan time.. inilah hasilnya.. 

lobby of putra palace hotel, kangar

and.. a huge map of perlis.. amazing perlis perhaps..
sebab all the attractive places in perlis..marked in this map..

i) experiment of cooking-cooking.. *super excited*
the truth is.. i always love to cook.. to bake.. and of course.. i love everything about FOOD.. like watching AFC.. and MAKAN-MAKAN time..*ngehhh..who doesn't love to makan!!!* ahhaaaa..

but nowdays, i realized that.. it was suprisingly semakin best, fun and cool...

.. well, i guess.. i just discovered another hobby other than.. love to dress-up.. doll-up.. go shopping.. reading.. enjoy holidays.. =) owhhh...

so, this time around.. its cake-batik time.. CAKE?? is it?? or should i called it kek biskut marie?? ahhaa.. my mom thought me to make this yummy cake-batik.. this was the first ever cake yang mama ajar.. and i was in my sweet18.. just finished spm.. duduk rumah.. and attended kursus ekonomi rumahtangga (ERT) with mama lorrr.. 

   of couse its the super-easiest cake-batik..*though..it still the yummiest*

i suka cover the tray with aluminum foil.. so, my cake-batik not directly lekat dengan tray.. and easier to potong the cake..

then, ratakan cake-batik into the tray.. and of to refrigerator.. 

see, this was my waiting-waiting experiment juga laa.. thats why, it was double waiting-waiting.. waiting for hubby.. and.. waiting for cake-batik.. =D

of to sejuk-sejuk dalam fridge.. 

tadaaaaa !!!!!!
my yummy cake-batik.. and most importantly..
hubby loves it ^_^
owhhh.. i am so going to cook.. and bake.. again.. *BIG smiles*

what do you THINK?? looks yummy tak?? hihiii...

much love


  1. hi just dropping by :) am so going to try out your kek batik recipe, looks yummy!

  2. hi deena..
    thanks dear.. and sedap too.. seriously.. =p
    btw, thanks for visiting.. hopefully we can get connected..

  3. aiza, xjdi buat moist choc cake ke??and make it become muffin??heee..sori..about the sms.. :(

  4. zana: moist choc cake dah buat dah time birthday amir.. last month..
    igt nak buat cupcakes using recepi choc cake tu.. tapi tak sempat.. nex time perhaps.. hihii..

  5. akak suka buat kek batik ni sbb favourite hubby!! tapi x le mkn selalu kang muntel cam akak uuhuuhuh

  6. kak elyn.. manader muntel kak elyn.. selim ajee..