Saturday, May 14, 2011

on mother's day..

Hello girls...

i was super busy last week.. with students' final exam papers.. and meetings.. huhuuu.. so tiring!!! i dont even had time for blogging.. =p

though it was a week ago.. ahahaaa.. secretly, i always hope.. everyday is mother's day.. and father's day..

we do LOVEloveLOVE them so much.. *no words can describe it right?!!.. for all the things they had done to us.. everything.. *

our mother's day...

spend quality times with family.. wishing-wishing.. and makan-makan.. though both of my younger sisters cannot make it.. but, no worries.. i dah tolong makankan for both of you girls.. *ahahaaa =p*

so.. we had makan-makan at Belanga, Empire.. *requested by dearest mama.. teringin makan nasi kerabu katenya!! *me also* hihiii.. so, off to Empire...

when we arrived at Belanga.. it was fullhouse.. so we waited at this coziest sofa.. so comfy.. with lotsa pillows.. *reminded me of my BED* hahhahaaa..
lepas makan boleh sleeping beauty!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh.....

time to order!!!!

nasi kerabu, satay, mee kari, laksa, roti bakar.. and the famous lompat tikam..
sedap!!!! tak sempat captured all the photos.. sebab dah lapar!! ahhaaaaa.. mari makan...

after makan-makan.. the kids wanted toys from granny.. 
they cannot wait for the launch of thomas's film.. kids loved it so much..

amir was checking his thomas&friends collections!!!

owhhh.. nasiblaa.. he requested for this tier- thomas-railtrack...
 railtrack amir takde tiers like this!!! ahahaa..

amira.. being a girl.. loved barbie dolls..

and some little treats for mama.. i bought these last weekend.. alhamdulillah..
mama loved it...
father's day?? nak beli pressie apa yer??

have a nice weekend girls...

much love

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