Sunday, May 1, 2011

make-up by Munie Ahmad ~ reception~

Hello girls... 

today is sunday,1may2011... HAPPY Labour Day dear hardworking employees ^_^  ngehhhhh.. and the BEST part is.. MONDAY still will be a PH.. yeahhh!!! *BIG smile*

make up by Munie Ahmad.. during johor reception.. 

for make up, i'm myself *personally*.. a bit particular on make up bahagian MATA.. hihiii..  i opted for cat-eyes lookz for johor reception..

and.. let the pictures do the talking.. ^_^

and yes.. i requested for this rambut!!!!! ehhh.. sanggul lorrr...


tadaaaaa... princess *of the day* in the making...


Munie also did some touch-up for the groom too..
and.. she did the samping  nicely.. sangat kemas untill habis photoshoot pun still okey..


i really loved the effect of flash in these 2 photos ..
my sister hold those flashes..
and i loved it..
*all photos are UNEDITED photos*


and lastly, its both me and hubby...
with munie and her husband.. ^_^

it was really easy+happy working with munie.. i'm really HAPPY i found her.. 
and booked her for my BIG day..

thank you so much dear..

lfb note: so girls.. book for munie.. highly recommended!!! hihiii...

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