Friday, March 25, 2011

ballons and masquerade...LOVEstory..

hi girls.. let me tell you a LOVEstory fairytale.. ngehhh.. =p

 once upon a time there was a "good" girl named aiza.. ever since she was a little girl, she prays to meet her prince that will truely loved her..ecehhh..~dari kecik kuat berangan~

long story..short story..

one day, she was invited to a masquerade ball..she was so happy..everyday, she will berangan and berangan and berangan..but, no matter how happy she is with her berangan session, she still cannot denied that she dont know..what will she to get to the ball?? pity her...hehehee..

 several days gone by..finally, esok adalah hari yang ditunggu-tunggu..she was crying heavily.. like hujan 3hari3malam..then, suddenly, a fairygod mother came.. fairygod mother promised to help aiza because of her kindness..ecehhh...aiza was happy again..

the fairygod mother menghayunkan tongkat saktinya..ting..ting..ting.. ecehh..
oooo.. it was so magical.. aiza was prettily dolled up and dress like a princess.. of she went to the ball..

Ohh man.. panjangnya story nih..

as she walk gracefully to the main dancing hall.. her CANTEKness is noticed by the prince.. he was really amazed by her..uhuhkk uhukkk..
then, the prince ajak her to dancing-dancing..and they fall in LOVE...yeahh..abihh..

and they lived happily ever after..

much love