Tuesday, March 22, 2011

one special day..

hello girls...

11nov2010.. a very special day..  its my day!!! ^_^

even after months of the wedding, I can still pictured it very clearly.. those precious unforgettable moments..

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly as planned..but, of course, there are hiccups here and there.. but, i still happy and bersyukur.. *blessed*..

well, the most critical time..was..the night before the solemnization ceremony, no electricity sepanjang malam..

I was really freak out.. goodies belum siap pack..henna pun tak buat lagi..my room was messy..hantaran for both sides and my dais only 80% completed..emm..luckily, I have my sisters and aunties all around me to help.. my jiran so helpful, pinjamkan generator..but it was after 2 hours ditemani lilin and lamp(powered by  battery)..almost 12midnight baru ada electricity.
Since I really love to decorate..me and my aunty did my dais and hantaran by ourselves.. and as a flower lover, I always want my dais full with flowers, yet, simple and sweet..a bit penat..but, its all worth it.. =) later i will post all my lovely dais.. ecehh...

On the day itself, I woke up early..suprisingly,I feel so calm..I don’t feel nervous at all, as I thought it would be..only when Tok Kadi walk into my room and said.. “ ......... hari ini awak akan dinikahkan dengan pasangan ........, awak bersetuju dengan rela hati ataupun tidak dengan pernikahan ini nanti..and blaablablaaa… ” .. my father and mother was sitting beside me.. I looked at them.. and I just smiled..*speechless*

when my lovely sister hold my hands..and everyone is smilling at me..only then,I realized that everything was real.. it was really happening..


as I walk down the aisle, towards my nikah dais.. I saw him.. seating very calmly.. and yes..at this moment..im definitely certain..HE is the man that I want to spend my lifetime with..the one I laugh with..cry with..walk with..live for..dream with… =)

 with our big happy families..

much love


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  1. aiza,pasni letak psl reception 1&2 lak k..maybe ada story behind yg zna xtau..like msa the day b4 solemnization day tu..xde letrik kan??fuhh..kalu zna la..xtau nk ckp.. (-_-")