Friday, March 25, 2011

damansara reception..

hi girls..

its FRIDAY again.. yeahhh.. cant wait to see my hubby.. im sure everyone pun tak sabar nak cuti-cuti kan... relax-relax and happy-happy time with families and loves one..

well, hari ni, i want to share my damansara reception, i must say that it was one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL and HAPPIEST day in my was magical (sorry girls,, i cant help it.. day dreaming kottt..), lets share girls..

credit to:
-attire+shoes :  man kajang
-accesory + hand bouquet : compliments from man kajang
-make up : amy janz
-photographer : green apple team
-dais and hall deco : arjuna cipta team
-cake : juzcakes_salwa

make up - make up..

posing-posing dulu before heading to damansara height hall..

mari berarak...




potong cake..

posing-posing lagi..

with hubby pulak..

ooppssssss....dont get mad girls.. =p

much love