Wednesday, March 30, 2011

reality show..yippiiee...

hello girls...

i had a very tough weekend..full of activities..huhhh..penat..then, continue with office tasks.. cepat laa habis this i wish =(
..emm..syllabus for my students pun belum habis week will be test right now, im busy preparing the questions..huhuuu..siapa nak tolong boleh angkat tangan yang comel itu!!!!! hihiii.. ^_^ im at home..lepaking at the most coziest sofa..and had a bowl of ice-cream in my hands.. super yummy..~love the jamoca with fudge~cant wait for this 31mac..mari beramai-ramai kita ke BR.. =) ehhh..promote pulak..emmm.. and of couse..enjoying one of my favourite reality show..

presenting.... Gulliana&Bill...

i love this show..well, for me, this show looks REAL...looks like a normal life..hahaa.. =p
i know, all of us are facing different dugaan..cabaran..rezeki..happy moments..sad moments.. u named it!!!..but, in the end of the day.. it makes us STRONGER...yeahhhh..

much love

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